12 Dec 2012

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Radio free brighton image smallestBHESCo hosts a weekly ECO show on Radio Free Brighton.  Each week, we interview fascinating people discussing cleantech issues around energy generation, energy efficiency and the circular economy.

Our first guest is Alex Hunt, Director of BHESCo and founder of Bright Green Homes and the Green Building Partnership answers your questions about energy efficiency:

Cat Fletcher, an environmental representative for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Founder of Freegle UK and founding partner along with University of Brighton and BBM architects discusses the circular economy and opportunities for reducing waste in the city.



06 Dec 2012

Autumn Blues

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AnnasRoad-150x150The Chancellor announced his plans to create growth yesterday promoting the Dash for Gas despite the fact that the UK Geological survey estimates that our technically recoverable reserves range between 150 billion cubic metres (bcm) and 570 bcm.  According to BP’s review of the World 2012, this reserve is the equivalent to 2-7 years of UK gas demand in 2011.  Insufficient to resolve our long term energy needs, or to fuel the lifetime of the 30 gas powered plants that Mr. Osborne proposes to build.

Frack off presents an interesting assessment of why its so important to provide a tax subsidy for shale gas drilling, or “Fracking” – an extreme method of blasting for gas through shale rock.  Although we haven’t seen the details of our Chancellor’s growth plan, we feel confident that any additional monies to promote growth in our transmission infrastructure will be missing.  These plans are all about subsidising certain types of generation capacity.

Our government is borrowing more to finance their austerity plans. The budget includes another £5 billion of mandatory cuts.  The New Economic Foundation has announced their upcoming release of an economic strategy that “tackles unemployment, delivers good jobs and a sustainable future”.  According to the Public and Commercial Services Union, these 13,500 civil servant job cuts are additional to the 50,000 jobs due to be cut in the next two years and the 63,000 already cut.  You may be relieved to know that budgets in nuclear decommissioning will be spared because we have no choice.  We have to invest to ensure that the stockpile of radiocative waste from old nuclear power plants is treated properly.  No need to fret about our future, the new nuclear power plants that are in the pipeline along with the 30 gas fired plants, should ensure that the lights don’t go out.

 If this blog is depressing you, consider the alternative, where we save 30% of our energy use by retrofitting thermally inefficient properties and replacing inefficient kit.  We can build energy generation from local, renewable energy resources in a way that creates jobs and economic growth.  Where we engage the newest technologies in wind, biomass, biofuels, tidal, wave and hydrogen to generate sufficient local generation to meet our needs. And best of all, we, the community, own it.

If this is how you like to think, think community energy suppliers, join BHESCo.

03 Dec 2012

Zero Cost Energy Park launched

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The UK’s first business park designed to save its nine tenants an average of £2 per square foot on their rental charges was launched in Wigan last week.  The renewable energy micro-generation systems installed were a 90 kWp solar PV system, a 6kW wind turbine, nine solar thermal systems and nine heat pumps.  These proven technologies combined provide tenants of the Hindley Green business park  with no overhead for energy costs.

The site was developed by Eco Environments and Kingspan in cooperation with Armstrong Properties.  The business park will create 65 jobs.  55 jobs were created for the construction and development of the site.  Source: Edie Energy