Picture2The next Power to the People talk is being held on Tuesday 30 September, 19.30-21.00 at the Brighthelm Centre. 

Howard Johns, solar energy pioneer, will be the keynote speaker sharing insights from his forthcoming book on community energy: “Energy Revolution: Your Guide to Making it Happen”.

Howard in considered to be one of the UK’s top renewable energy gurus and is Managing Director of Southern Solar, former Chairman of the Solar Trade Association, and co-founder of OVESCO, the first community owned solar PV schemes in the country, sited on the roof of Harvey’s Brewery.

This is the third in this series of talks organised by Community Energy South, an umbrella group of organisations who have come together to promote community energy projects in the South of England. For more information, see: http://communityenergysouth.org.uk/.
The talk is hosted by the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton BN1 1YD (just 5 minutes from Brighton Station). Informal networking (with drinks and delicious snacks) begins at 19.00. The talk runs from 19.30-21.00, with time for further networking afterwards.  It will be a great opportunity to meet community energy enthusiasts and experts from across the South.
Tickets cost £5 on the door (£3 concessions). To reserve your place, fill in the online form at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8N28QLM
Linklater pavilion

Linklater Pavilion, Lewes

Kayla Ente, BHESCo Founder and Director will be speaking at one of the Community Energy South discussions on Friday 19 September from 12 noon at the Linklater Pavilion in Lewes.

To view the agenda for the event click here.

Kayla will be discussing the topic of community fuel tariffs and the benefits of these in the region.

This event has been organised to showcase local community energy initiatives, encouraging new groups to take up community energy, scaling up our low carbon future and making local green growth jobs.

This free event is part of a series of events focussed on providing information for community groups, parishes, local authorities, individuals and businesses who want to know more about developing a low carbon, energy efficient community and learn from communities who are doing just that. Existing groups will showcase the growth of community energy and debate the future growth of the industry in our region.

These half day conferences will provide opportunities to meet local energy champions. Lunch will be provided. To confirm your attendance, please register here.

energybillof-rightFuel Poverty Action (FPA), is a grassroots campaign made of up a group of ordinary people who have had enough of the for-profit, fossil fuel based energy system dominated by the Big Six and are fighting to give the power back to communities.

By applying pressure to energy companies and politicians, FPA campaigns for warm, well insulated homes and clean, affordable energy that meet the needs of the community. FPA represents those who are fed up with being robbed by greedy energy companies through spiralling bills, rip-off prepayment meters and soaring profits.

In the winter of 2012, 30,000 people died of winter cold in the UK.  According to Age UK, 90% of these deaths were people over 60 years old.  Fuel poverty, occurs when people can’t afford to heat their homes. This can be related to the hardship that the older generation suffered during the war, so they try endure the cold winter temperatures which creates deadly health problems.  Millions more people have struggled to find the money to pay bills or top up prepayment meters. Rising prices are putting millions of people in fuel debt meaning they cannot switch supplier to get a lower tariff, or were forced to have prepayment meters installed in their property at their own cost.  The spiral effect of continued higher than necessary prices has a huge impact on the fuel poor.  As a result millions of people will worry about they are going to heat their homes this winter.

In response the FPA have developed the Energy Bills of Rights, an eight point list outlining the rights of us all, in regard to energy and living in a warm, comfortable home. The Energy Bill of Rights aims to give everyone confidence to fight for a fairer, affordable, sustainable energy system owned by us, not by foreign corporations. FPA will support collection action to demand for their rights, through sharing knowledge and organising events. The FPA are encouraging as many individuals and organisations as possible to sign up and show support for the bill and ditching the Big Six, a movement which BHESCo positively supports.

Read the Energy Bills of Rights and the energy mini-guide (http://www.fuelpovertyaction.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/FPA-mini-guide.pdf) from FPA, which has been developed to provide advice for those struggling with energy bills.

BHESCo has shown support for the Energy Bill of Rights through the following statement:

Large energy suppliers, many of which are foreign owned,  dominate the market and reap unjust profits, by exploiting vulnerable or uninformed people. Home owners, tenants, landlords and business across the country must make properties more energy efficient, more comfortable places to live and work, and to supply affordable heating in their properties. BHESCo is committed to helping to combat fuel poverty in the community of Brighton & Hove, reducing energy usage and bills, making homes and businesses more energy efficient and generating energy from clean, renewable sources. We along with other social enterprises in our industry recognise that this is the most economically beneficial alternative which is why we wholeheartedly support Fuel Poverty Action’s Energy Bill of Rights. We will help bring about community action, community generation and control to individuals to ensure a secure, sustainable and clean energy future.  We are working to introduce our own community energy tariff to help protect our community from paying too much for their electricity and heating.

Community-Energy-South-LogoCommunities are now playing an important part in the big energy debate and the government is listening.  In response to this Community Energy South will be hosting four events across the region between the 19th and 29th of September.

The events will showcase local community energy initiatives, setting out to encourage new groups to take up community energy, scaling up of our low carbon future and the creation of local, green-growth jobs.

Community Energy is now, more than ever, featuring in community agendas across the country. Today there are 6000 community energy groups in the UK looking closely at their local energy use. In doing so, they are making bold steps to generate locally owned energy, alongside helping their communities to use their power and heat more efficiently. These communities are both empowering themselves and making significant cost savings.
The ‘Powering our Communities’ events are free and are focused upon providing information for community groups, parishes, local authorities, individuals and businesses who are seeking information on developing a low carbon, energy efficient community. They provide an opportunity for everyone to learn from communities who are already active in doing just that. Existing groups will showcase the growth of community energy and debate the future growth of the industry in our region.

These half-day conferences will provide opportunities to meet local energy champions. 

For further information, including booking information, visit www.communityenergysouth.org.uk/events

Community energy coalition logoThe Community Energy Fortnight is an opportunity to explore and celebrate how communities across the UK are generating, owning and saving energy. Doors will be opened to projects up and down the country – from seeing inside a wind turbine to building your own solar panel – giving you a chance to see local renewables projects up-close and meet the people who are directly benefitting from them.

BHESCo will be running a Pop Up Energy Shop in Hove as part of the fortnight.Find out more about our Pop Up Energy Shop.

Visit the Community Energy Fortnight website to find out about other events across the country.