Kayla Ente,  Founder and CEO

Kayla began her career with Deloitte & Touche in San Francisco and Ernst & Young in Amsterdam before moving to Greenpeace International in 1993. In 1999, as a business and project development consultant, her client portfolio included Nuon (the Dutch utility), and Ecofys  (European pioneers in renewable energy).

At Nuon, she was the financial technician on wind farm development in China and Spain and PV development projects in California and Hawaii. She advised the IEA on the feasibility of a very large scale PV project in the Sahara Desert before DESERTEC.

In 2004, Kayla moved to London providing business development and advisory services to utilities and SME’s in the Cleantech industry. Kayla is a qualified accountant and has an MBA in Environmental Management from the TIAS Business School in the Netherlands. Kayla has been living in Brighton since 2012.


Oliver Pendered, Communications and Communities Director

Ollie has turned his passion for the outdoors into a productive career in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, energy efficiency and renewable energy.  He is the Founder of Communities Matter, a visionary organisation supporting people in effecting sustainable change through grass roots community engagement.   He brings his skills in strategic communications to our team, his commitment to providing clear information to communities; project management and facilitation as well as change and issue management.

Rachel Espinosa, Energy from Waste Director

Rachel is an expert in waste management operations, strategic planning and development.  She has worked in the waste industry for 20 years as a waste services manager and consultant and is a partner in Reconsult LLP.  She is a centre councillor for the London and South Counties Centre of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and also works part time as Business Forum Manager for the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform.

Alex HuntAlex Hunt, Non Executive Director – Energy Efficiency

Alex is co – owner of Bright Green Homes LLP, a local contractor specialising in energy efficiency improvements and a Director of  The Green Building Partnership. Alex is a qualified CSH assessor, a member of the AECB and The Green Register of Construction Professionals. He has a BSc (hons) in Geography and an MA (hons) Environment, Development and Policy with a specialism in Environmental Accounting. He is also a certified Stroma Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor, and an avid scuba diver. He has extensive experience in the implementation and management of environmental projects around the world. Alex was born and raised in Brighton.

Diane Smith, Operations Director

Diane has worked in financial services for 28 years.  After running treasury operations for The Economist newspaper in London, she went to Nike to set up their European foreign exchange risk management programme.  She has lead operational support teams in the Broker/Dealer servicing arm of BNY Mellon (a US investments company).  Presently, she is completing her degree in psychology.  She contributes her skills in achieving a positive impact on people’s lives in our community.

aJohn Nugent, Non Executive Director – Chairman

John is an experienced solicitor, specialising in corporate governance and Board related issues, an expert in Company law, international trade and business contracts.  He has been recommended in the Legal 500 for corporate law.  He is an experienced company director and currently on the Board of directors for the London Rugby League Foundation.