Pay As You Save

BHESCo offers a Pay As You Save model to help you lower your energy bills by installing renewable energy micro-generation in your home or business for no upfront cost.  Go to our renewable energy page to get an idea of the types of technologies that are available.  We take the risk away from you because we own these systems and operate them on your behalf.  We do this through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where you buy the electricity or heat generated by the system we install for a discounted tariff.  This saves you money immediately, helping you to transition to your own energy generation once the agreement is paid off.

We also install energy efficiency measures using the same Pay As You Save Model.  We install energy monitors to help us understand your energy consumption.  We then retrofit your property and link the energy savings with the repayment of the upfront cost that we have financed on your behalf.  This way you are saving immediately, without having to pay any money upfront.  After the Energy Savings Agreement is paid off, you achieve deeper savings from the measures that we have installed.

If you would like to find out more about the Pay As You Save model or talk to us about a project, please contact us.




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