Switching Energy Supplier

Switching supplier, tariff or method of payment can greatly reduce your energy costs.  If you have not switched in the last year you are almost guaranteed to benefit from switching by up to £300 this year.

Many new energy suppliers have entered the market.  They compete with each other to get your business, meaning there are often very good deals around for you to make huge savings. You may also be able to switch tariff to one which is more suitable for your needs, for example an online, fixed, single, 100% renewable or duel fuel tariff.

It can be complicated comparing what’s on offer and going through the switching process, which is why BHESCo gives impartial advice to help you understand your bills and make sure that you get the best deal available. If you would like help and advice about your energy bills then please send an email to bills@bhesco.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit our Contact page or call our free phone number on 0800 999 6671.

Remember, switching supplier is free and does not require an electrician to come to your home or cause any interruption to supply. Everything is taken care of by your new supplier, and switching takes no more than 3 weeks.  Alternatively, if you don’t have time to speak to us personally, look online to find out how you can make great savings by switching energy supplier.  Please visit “My Utility Genius” to start saving money today.

The table below provides examples of the incredible savings we have made for our customers this winter:

Switching Table

Switch to Ecotricity

BHESCo have partnered with Ecotricity to offer you a great tariff that comes from 100% renewable energy.  The UK’s first Green Electricity company, Ecotricity shares our values of building locally generated, clean energy that is owned by UK companies and that puts people and planet before profit. What’s more they turn ‘bills into mills’ by reinvesting in clean, green energy generation.

By switching to Ecotricity through BHESCo, not only will you be buying 100% renewable electricity and frack free gas, we will receive a donation to help our essential work tackling fuel poverty and cold homes.

Ecotricity offer one tariff for electricity and one tariff for gas, no matter how you choose to pay. Most suppliers charge those on key meters up to 30% more than those who pay by direct debit, by switching to a key meter with Ecotricity you will almost certainly save on your fuel bills.

Join the energy revolution and switch to Ecotricity through BHESCo.




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