CASE STUDY: Private Landlord Energy Survey

Jack lives in a circa 1900s terraced property in Brighton, where he also rents rooms to students of Sussex and Brighton Universities. He met BHESCo at an energy advice desk we were running as part of the Big Energy Saving Network, where he brought along a recent bill for us to examine.

An analysis of Jack’s bills indicated that his energy consumption and monthly bills were extremely high. In addition to helping him find a more affordable energy tariff, Jack invited BHESCo to conduct an energy survey of his home to identify areas that could be made more energy efficient.

Following a survey of the property BHESCo produced a detailed Energy Assessment Report suggesting various measures that could be installed to significantly improve the comfort and heat retention of the building.

Jack decided to upgrade the thermal efficiency of his windows with secondary glazing, to add draught proofing to external doors, and to top up his loft insulation to the recommended depth of 270mm.

Once he had made these choices, he left BHESCo to project manage the entire installation process.

We compared quotes from local suppliers and selected those which provided the best value for money. We coordinated the installation of the new measures, and reviewed the work to ensure it was to a first rate standard.

In addition to improving the thermal efficiency of the property, BHESCo also installed several ‘soft measures’ to further reduce energy use.

We exchanged the existing lighting system with energy saving LEDs, and we added a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss through the chimney.

To ensure maximum savings, we reviewed Jack’s energy tariff to see if we could find him a cheaper deal.

By comparing his existing tariff to others available on the market, we were able to switch Jack to a fixed tariff with E-On, which we estimate will cost approximately £600 a year less than the variable tariff he had been on.

As with all of our customers, BHESCo will continue to support Jack’s energy needs into the future by regularly reviewing his tariff, and monitoring that his energy saving measures are performing as expected.

Jack said: “It’s early days yet, but I’m hoping to save hundreds of pounds over the course of a year!”