Domestic Solar Panels

When Tim moved into his new house in Brighton in the summer of 2016, he asked BHESCo to conduct an energy survey to identify areas that could be made more energy efficient.

Our Energy Saving team visited the property and produced a report highlighting all the ways that energy was being wasted, and recommending ways this could be improved.

Our report suggested that the property would be an ideal location for a small solar panel system that could generate up to 2kWh of renewable electricity.

As someone who is concerned with sustainability and the environment, Tim was excited by our proposal, but found the upfront installation costs prohibitive.

To help realise Tim’s dream of generating his own renewable electricity, BHESCo offered to cover the cost of the installation using our ‘Pay As You Save‘ model.

We asked three installers to prepare a quote, and selected the system which provided the best value for money. BHESCo then financed and project managed the installation process, and work was completed in under two days

In addition to the 8 Jinko solar panels, BHESCo also oversaw the installation of a 2kW Solis inverter, which converts the electricity generated from a DC current to AC so that it is usable in the home.

We expect the system to save around £5,500 on energy bills over the next 20 years, as well as achieving carbon emissions savings of 1 tonne every year.

BHESCo will continue to monitor the system over the duration of its 20 year lifespan to ensure it performs as desired. As with every project we complete, BHESCo maintains a long term relationship with our customers to support their energy needs now and in the future.



SOLAR PANELS: 8 x Jinko 260W All Black Maxim Smart modules

INVERTER: 1 x Solis 2kW single track inverter


ESTIMATED FINANCIAL: £5,492 over 20 years

ESTIMATED CARBON: 1,057kgCO2 every year