Local Small Business


The Station (Hove Park Stores) Exterior‘The Station’ (formely Hove Park Stores) is a small business based by Hove train station, selling food and sundries and papers and magazines.

As part of our work with the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum, BHESCo offered its advice for lowering The Station’s energy bills and reducing their carbon emissions.

BHESCo visited the store to assess the energy efficiency of the premises and conducted a review of their energy bills.  We installed an energy monitor enabling us to see exactly where the greatest amounts of energy was being wasted.

We produced a bespoke energy plan for the shop to reduce energy consumption and monthly bills.  We recommended replacing the existing refridgeration with modern efficient models, and replacing the lighting with energy saving LEDs.

BHESCo purchased the new fridges and lighting system on behalf of the business using funds invested from our shareholder members. A lease  reapyament period was set at 5 years to ensure that the repayments are low enough each year to provide a real saving.

In addition, BHESCo helped the store to switch to a much cheaper energy tariff, delivering even greater savings.

As a valued customer, we will continue to monitor the performance of the new equipment and review the store’s energy tariff to ensure they are always on the best deal.

Tim Beecher, Energy Saving Team leader, said:

“This is a great example of how monitoring individual appliances allows us to pinpoint inefficient equipment and suggest alternatives to achieve a real impact on the energy use and revenue of the business.”

BHESCo project - fridges at station stores