University Student

Ben is a student from Iceland who recently moved to Brighton along with his wife and young son so that he can study law at the University of Sussex.

Iceland is lucky to have very cheap fuel prices because of its abundant geothermal energy resources, so Ben was shocked at the high cost of gas and electricity when he moved to the UK.



Hoping to find a cheaper way to pay for his bills, Ben came to an energy advice desk that BHESCo was hosting at the university’s Student Advice Centre. He brought along his latest energy bill for BHESCo to review, and following an analysis and market comparison, BHESCo was able to find him a much better deal if he switched to a different energy supplier.

Based on BHESCo’s impartial, knowledgable advice, Ben decided to switch on the spot.  BHESCo contacted the new supplier on his behalf to arrange for the switch to take place. All Ben had to do was provide his new supplier with a meter reading and they would take care of everything else.  Ben had 14 days to decide not to go ahead with the switch.  The switch was completed within three weeks.  Ben will now save an incredible £560 on his annual energy bills!

Ben was delighted with the prompt and professional service he received from BHESCo’s expert energy advisor, and left the Student Advice Centre saying “I don’t know what to spend all this money on!”

Furthermore, as part of BHESCo’s long –term vision to empower the community to save money on their energy supply and take control  over their energy bills, we will contact Ben again in 12 months to review his tariff to see what better deals will be available at that time.

Dan Curtis, a BHESCo energy advisor said: “Switching energy supplier or tariff is the best way to reduce the cost of your energy bills.  Unfortunately, many people do not realise the power they have to get a better deal. In Ben’s case, he was on a very expensive tariff, so I was thrilled to be able to help him save so much by switching. I’m just glad he took the time to drop in to speak to us. It was brilliant that he brought along his energy bill.”

BHESCo is a social enterprise created to help consumers lower their energy costs by empowering individuals to take more control of their energy supply. For more information visit  or call 01273 766671.

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