Professional Working From Home

Sarah (not her real name) is a professional consultant who lives and works in Brighton & Hove. Because she works from her flat in Kemp Town, Sarah spends much of her time at home. She wanted to find ways to reduce the amount she pays on her energy bills.

She read about BHESCo’s Energy Saving Service in The Argus, and decided to contact their office to arrange for an assessment of her flat that she rents from a private landlord.


BHESCo’s experienced energy advisors performed a thorough examination of the property, producing a detailed report with recommendations for a number of simple measures that Sarah could take to start saving money on her bills. The report suggested several low cost energy saving measures such as secondary glazing for windows and draught proofing of doors, including proposals for a chimney balloon, radiator reflectors, and low energy LED light bulbs.

The BHESCo report also observed that there is the potential for solar panels on the roof of the building, which Sarah could finance through BHESCo’s ‘Pay As You Save’ model.  BHESCo would present the proposal to Sarah’s landlord, who might be interested because of the improvement it would mean to the property value, especially since Sarah would be paying for it on a monthly lease payment designed to be less than the savings she obtained from the free electricity generated by the solar panels.  This seemed like a win-win for both landlord and tenant.

BHESCo helped Sarah to instantly make huge savings by finding her a better deal on her gas and electricity bills. By switching to a new tariff, BHESCo saved Sarah an estimated £340 a year on her annual energy bill! The energy assessment, which cost £75, paid for itself, providing Sarah with a comprehensive energy review of her home.

Reacting to the great savings that BHESCo had made for her, Sarah said “this was definitely the best £75 I’ve ever spent!”

Dan Curtis, a BHESCo Energy Savings advisor said: “The immediate savings we were able to achieve on Sarah’s energy bills show just what great value for money the service is. On top of this, the low-cost energy saving measures we have recommended will ensure that Sarah will use less gas and electricity in the years to come, which is great news for her and for the environment .” 

BHESCo is a social enterprise created to help consumers lower their energy costs by empowering individuals to take more control of their energy supply. For more information  or call 01273 766671.

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