Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects


Some of the most important work we do at BHESCo is to help homeowners and businesses install measures to improve the energy and thermal efficiency of their properties.

We do this using insulation and energy saving technologies, and where appropriate, by installing renewable energy systems.

All of our projects are funded at no upfront cost using our Pay As You Save Model.

Click on the images below to learn more about the successful projects we’ve completed, or find out about our exciting new projects on our ‘In Development‘ page.


BHESCo works on a referral basis, meaning that we haven’t had to market our services for customers to contact us.

We have more projects planned to deliver further financial and carbon savings to Brighton and Hove, so long as we can raise the necessary funding from our shareholder members both current and new.

Want to help us build even more community energy projects this year? Read more about the benefits of becoming a shareholder member.


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