Best One Woodingdean

Located at the top of Warren Road, Best One is a small local grocery store that serves the hilltop community of Woodingdean.

BHESCo was introduced to Best One through our partner Area Refrigeration, who advised that the shop was interested in upgrading their existing refrigeration system but were struggling to afford the initial financial outlay.

BHESCo was able to assist with the purchase and installaion of the new equipment via our ‘Pay As You Save’ model. This is where we finance the upront cost of energy efficiency measures on behalf of a customer, who then repays BHESCo using the savings made on their energy bills over an agreed lease period.

In addition to energy efficient refrigerators and freezers, BHESCo also financed the purchase and installation of a new LED lighting system for the store. We expect the combination of these two technologies to deliver considerable financial and carbon savings over the next 10 years.

Once the 6 year lease period is completed, the business will own the lights and refrigerators and will enjoy significant savings each month on their energy bills, doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions with no outlay of cash.

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