The Dyke Golf Club

Dyke Golf Club is one of the finest downland courses in the South, perched at 650 feet above sea level with panoramic views out to sea and across the South Downs National Park.

Located 4 miles from Brighton and created in 1906, the par 72 course is open all year around, and offers catering and hospitality such as birthdays, weddings, and charity events.

BHESCo was engaged to find a sustainable solution to the energy needs of the Dyke Golf Club’s maintainance equipment shed. Among other things, the site needs electricity for water drainage pumps, an intruder alarm, heaters, flood lights, and high pressure cleaning tools.

The building is ‘off-grid’ which means it is not connected to the mains electricity supply, and until now it had been running entirely off of a diesel generator. This type of generator emits not only carbon dioxide but also nitrous oxide and hazardous particulates as well.

Initially, BHESCo considered a wind power project because of the elevation and strong wind speeds of the site, but we soon realised this would not be feasible due to the high costs of planning permission.

Instead we shifted our focus to solar power, which is ideal for off-grid properties and for this reason is used in many rural locations.

Following a survey of the site, BHESCo project managed the installation of a 7.68kW rooftop solar array, as well as a battery storage system and energy saving LED lighting. We financed the measures on behalf of Dyke Golf Club using our ‘Pay-As-You-Save’ scheme, with a lease payback term agreed for 20 years.

We expect the generation/ battery storage combination to provide all the electricity requirements for the equipment shed, eliminating the need to ever use the polluting diesel generator again.

For this project we partnered with Sunstore – Solar Power Solutions.


BHESCo Project - Dyke Golf Club - Summary Table