Grocer and Grain

BHESCo is delighted to have been able to support our neighbour, an ethical food shop on Surrey Street, called Grocer and Grain.

The business is a quaint neighbourhood store which specialises in showcasing locally produced fruit and vegetables. They also sell delicious homemade cakes, salads, and sandwiches, and are a regular lunchtime favourite of BHESCo.

A series of informal conversations about ways to save money and lower energy bills led to the owner of Grocer and Grain deciding to engage BHESCo in replacing their existing lighting system.

Grocer and Grain Exterior

Grocer & Grain Interior 1

Grocer & Grain Interior 2

Following a survey by our partners Lightfoot LED, BHESCo financed the purchase and installation of a new LED lighting system for the store, which we expect to deliver considerable financial and carbon savings over the next 10 years.  BHESCo’s lease is completely financed by the savings in the shop’s energy bills.

Once the 3 year lease period is completed, the business will own the lights and will enjoy significant savings each month on their energy bills, doing their bit to reduce carbon emission reductions with no outlay of cash.