Hollingdean Community Centre

The Hollingdean Community Centre is located in the heart of the Hollingdean and Stanmer ward of Brighton, one of the city’s most diverse and vibrant areas, but also one of its most deprived.

The Centre is a focal point for the local community and is open throughout the year hosting an array of events, from adult learning and exercise classes, to first aid training, money advice surgeries, and the ever popular ‘Pay As You Feel Café’ run by the Real Junk Food Project.

The Centre is managed by the Hollingdean Development Trust – a charity dedicated to addressing issues of poverty, deprivation and education within the local area.

BHESCo visits Hollingdean every winter to provide energy bill advice to local residents.

BHESCo Project - Hollingdean Community Centre Exterior

BHESCo Project - Hollingdean Community Centre Team

BHESCo Project - Hollingdean Solar Panels

Following a survey of the premises by CityZen, BHESCo produced a detailed energy plan for the community centre. The building is located at the top of a hill and has a south facing roof, making it an ideal candidate for solar power.

For this project, we worked with EcoSphere to install a 4kWp photovoltaic system, which we expect to generate 4,061kWh of renewable electricity each year.

We also engaged Downs Energy to install loft insulation, and Lightfoot LED to replace the lighting with energy saving LEDs. Finally, we added radiator reflector panels to reduce heat loss in winter.

We expect the energy saving measures to reduce consumption by 7,500kWh of power each year, which combined with the electricity generated by the solar panels will reduce electricity bills by 75% !

‘The solar panels are important to the future of our centre. As well as reducing our carbon footprint the panels have generated 348kWh of energy in 2 weeks and saved around £50 on our energy bills. We are delighted!’

Claire Debenham for Hollingdean Development Trust


BHESCo Project - Hollingdean Community Centre Summary Table