The Horsham Indoor Bowls Club

Indoor bowls clubs are ideal candidates for a community energy project. They are large buildings that use a lot of energy, and typically have a lot of stakeholders who will benefit.

In early 2017 BHESCo demonstrated the enormous energy saving potential of these facilities by partnering with the Denton Island Indoor Bowls Club to reduce their energy use by 48,100kWh a year.

We are now delighted to be working with the Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club to reduce their energy consumption by over 100,000kWh a year! We have achieved this by a combination of low energy lighting and a new boiler system.

In co-operation with our local partner Lightfoot LED, BHESCo has designed a 350 lamp LED lighting system which will significantly reduce the amount of electricity required to illuminate the green and facility.

In addition, we have arranged for two new boilers to be installed by Tugwell Heating, which we expect to reduce gas use by 32,800kWh a year.

These measures were installed at no-upfront cost to the bowls club using funds invested by BHESCo’s shareholder members. In total, these measures will reduce CO2 emissions by 37 tonnes a year, and reduce energy bills by £12,500 a year (once the lease is paid back to BHESCo).