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Nafici Environmental Research Ltd (NER) is a family business, based in Horsham, West Sussex. The business site comprises four buildings. There is a lab where NER conducts research into uses of wood pulp, such as paper products , an office and a manufacturing plant. The business owners are passionate about environmental conservation creating products from wood pulp with no environmental footprint.

The biomass system replaced oil that was used to heat the buildings.  Because of market volatility, the properties were becoming increasingly expensive to heat. The system can use pellets or wood chip for fuel, increasing the flexibility for the customer.  BHESCo sources the fuel to ensure that it meets the biomass system specification.


The Approach

Tetherstone TableThe renewable heat is transferred from the biomass boiler to each of the individual buildings via an underground system of insulated flow and return pipes.  The cavity walls in the office and studio were filled with silver bead cavity wall insulation to reduce the heat load requirement.  The biomass heating system and insulation provides warm, comfortable working areas with energy grown from locally managed forests.

Quote from the director of Nafici Environmental Research:

“BHESCo is giving us the best service, working really hard on getting the best solution for the biomass boiler.  There is a real professionalism in the team and a real willingness to help the green energy to be developed.  It is a pleasure to work with BHESCo.”


The savings for the customer are projected to be over £120,000 for 20 years.

This project has been funded by our members. The project is owned by the co-operative for 13 years. It will deliver a fixed return throughout the project’s life that will ensure that we can pay the interest on our members’ investment.


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