Netfuse is a private telecommunications company based on Sydney Street in Brighton, who provide telecoms and mobile services for businesses around the country.

BHESCo was approached to help alleviate the cold conditions of the property in winter. Staff at Netfuse found it difficult to keep warm, and were receiving high fuel bills as a result of having to use expensive electric heaters.

Netfuse were attracted by the benefit of BHESCo’s ‘Pay-As-You-Save’ model, whereby energy saving measures can be installed for no up-front cost to the owner.

BHESCo Project - Netfuse

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Working in partnership with Brighton based installers AJ Taylor, a 4kW solar array was installed on the roof of the Netfuse office. To ensure that Netfuse get maximum benefit from the panels, we have installed a remote Solar Edge monitoring system to keep an eye on the systems performance.

We engaged Organic Roofs to install the external roof insulation, which lasts twice as long as a tar roof and will help lower fuel bills by a further 15-20%.

An air source heat pump will improve the heating efficiency of the property, and we have also added LED lighting and secondary glazing to further improve energy efficiency.

We expect that the installation will save Netfuse over £16,000 on their energy bills over the next 20 years, as well as nearly 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

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