Pier Werks

Pier Werks at Old Steyne House, 21-22 Old Steine, is a bright, roomy period building, a pebble’s throw from the sea and a 10 minute stroll from Brighton Station. Excellent views over the Old Steine and its Victorian fountain. A great choice of suites and a meeting room make this a very popular choice for people looking to set up business in central Brighton.

BHESCo Project - Pier Werks Exterior

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BHESCo Project - Pier Werks

Following an energy survey of the premises, BHESCo undertook a complete overhaul of the lighting systems at Pier Werks. We replaced the high energy consuming lights with an energy saving LED equivalents, designed to the bespoke specifications of the property.

In addition, BHESCo will monitor wind speeds in order to assess the feasibility of installing a micro wind turbine on the roof of the premises, so that the PierWerks can generate their own power.

The new lighting system will reduce the energy bills for the PierWerks by £3,899 a year, in addition to preventing around 2.44 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmospher annually. Moreover, the savings made on annual bills will increase as energy prices continue to rise each year.

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