Completed Project:

West Werks


 The Site

Located on the bustling commercial high street of Portland Road in Hove, the WestWerks is a creative office space where small businesses can support each other to do good for the community. Westwerks offers affordable offices for community minded businesses, and room hire for community projects

Working Together

The Werks Group approached BHESCo to install a 14 panel solar array on the roof of the premises, which we estimate will generate 4,480 kilowatts of electricity a year. In addition, we will use a SolarEdge invertor to allow for real-time management of the panels’ performance.

We will also be installing a brand new boiler as well as 13 panel radiators so that tenants of the building no longer have to rely on expensive electric heaters to stay warm.

The Technology

    • 4kW capacity SunWorld Mono Black photovoltaic solar array. With individual panel monitoring to ensure the best output of electricity.


  • 13 Panel Radiators.  Release a combination of radiant and convective heat into a room as hot water flows through them. This allows for fast response, both warming up and cooling off.


The Savings

The lease period for this project is 10 years, during which time we expect WestWerks to make savings of £2,460 on their energy bills . Once the lease is completed, we estimate savings to be around £37,000 over the next 20 year period. In addition to saving WestWerks money on bills, the solar panels and the panel radiators combined will save over 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere.


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