West Werks

Located on the bustling commercial high street of Portland Road in Hove, West Werks is a creative office space where small businesses and social enterprises can support each other to do good for the community.

An energy survey of the premises confirmed that the site was an ideal location for generating solar power. BHESCo designed and project managed the installation of a 14-panel rooftop array that we estimate will generate 4,480 kilowatts of clean renewable electricity a year.

To ensure the panels perform as expected, we installled a SolarEdge invertor which allows for remote, real-time management of the system.

BHESCo Project - West Werks Solar Panels

BHESCo Project - The Werks Logo

BHESCo Project - Yacht Werks

To improve the energy efficiency of the building and make it easier to heat in winter, we have also installed a new boiler and 13 panel radiators so that the tenants no longer have to rely on expensive electric heaters to stay warm. These radiators release a combination of radiant and convective heat into a room as hot water flows through them. This allows for fast response, both warming up and cooling off.

The lease period for this project is 10 years, during which time we expect West Werks to make savings of £1,161 on their energy bill each year. Once the lease is completed, we estimate savings to be around £37,000 over the next 20 year period.

Moreover, we expect the solar panels and the panel radiators combined to save over 1.3 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

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BHESCo Project - Yacht Werks Summary Table