Jackie lives with her two young children, supported by a part time job and child tax credit. Last year, her boiler broke down and she couldn’t afford to replace it, leaving her home with no hot water and no heating.

She suffers from MS which was made worse by the cold, and was becoming extremely stressed and depressed.

In desperation, Jackie went to Money Advice Plus who referred her to BHESCo.

In light of her illness and circumstances, we felt she could qualify for a free boiler through Npower’s ‘Health Through Warmth’ scheme.

We submitted an application on Jackie’s behalf and were delighted when her request was accepted.

She got a brand new boiler installed free of charge which has made a world of difference to her comfort, happiness and wellbeing.

As an added bonus, BHESCo also helped Jackie to qualify for the ‘Warm Home Discount’, which pays £140 towards her winter fuel bill.

Finally, we switched her to a cheaper energy tariff, saving another £150 on her annual energy bill.

BHESCo will monitor Jackie’s energy use to ensure she avoids any debt, and will review her tariff each year to guarantee she’s got a good deal.

“This is an example of a vulnerable customer being in a difficult situation but not knowing where to find help. Fortunately, BHESCo has a wide knowledge of the support that’s available, and in this case, was able to qualiy this customer for the Health Through Warmth scheme as well as the Warm Home Discount.”

– Tim Beecher, Energy Saving Service Team Leader

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