Help and Support


There are many organisations and support services available to assist anyone who stuggles to pay their energy bills or heat their home.

Below are a few services you may find useful. You can also download our helpful guide to energy saving:



The Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is an obligation by the big energy suppliers to provide financial help to vulnerable consumers. An eligible household will get a discount of £140 off their electricity bills between January and March 2016.

Householders wishing to enquire about the Warm Home Discount should contact their energy supplier directly.


The Priority Services Register

Signing up for the Priority Services Register brings a variety of support services to eligible households, such as getting a free gas appliance safety check, the relocation of a meter for improved access, quarterley meter readings, and priority assistance in the event of a power cut.

This service is available for customers who are:

  • of pensionable age
  • disabled
  • chronically ill
  • living with a sight or hearing impairment


To ensure a household receives the additional services they need, they must contact both their energy supplier and their distributor for electricity, details of which can be found on a household’s electricity bill or by visiting

If you live in the area in orange below, you should contact UK Power Networks (UKPN).

uk-power-network-distributor-map uk-power-network-distributor-map-2

Complete the online application form here:


Raising a Complaint to Your Supplier

Before using the energy ombudsman you must first raise a complaint with the energy company and give it an opportunity to resolve the issue. If your complaint isn’t resolved in eight weeks or you receive a deadlock letter then you should contact the ombudsman.

For free, independent advice at any point during the complaints process, you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0300 330 9033 or visit

Complaints to the Energy Ombudman

If you have an unresolved complaint about a gas or electricity company, the energy ombudsman can help. They are approved by the energy regulator Ofgem to independently handle disputes between energy companies and their customers, which includes domestic customers and micro businesses. The service is free to consumers and simple to use.

Who Is My Gas & Electricity Supplier?

If you have recently moved into a property and are not sure who your gas or electricity supplier is, you can find out by calling the following numbers (you may need your meter reference numbers to hand).

Gas: 0870 608 1524

Electricity: 0870 241 6332

MPAN and MPRN numbers are unique reference numbers for your electricity and gas supplies.

  • MPAN stands for metering point administration number and relates to electricity. It’s also sometimes called a ‘supply number’ or ‘S number’.
  • MPRN stands for meter point reference number and relates to your gas supply. It’s sometimes called an ‘M number’.