Energy Efficiency;

Save money. Save energy. Save the planet

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You can make substantial savings on your energy bills each year by installing energy saving measures in your home or business.

Below are some of the typical energy saving measures that we install in properties around Brighton and Hove.

Following an energy survey, BHESCo can project manage the installation of these measures on your behalf, even helping with the finance using our ‘Pay As You Save’ scheme.


Start making energy savings straight away with our free energy saving guide:


Loft Insulation


    • Easy to install (depending on how you use your loft).


    • Not too expensive.


    • It must be installed correctly as the property must remain ventilated.


    • BHESCo works with its customers to ensure that the loft is emptied, insulated by an accredited installer and then the customers’ belongings returned.


Low Energy Lighting


    • Reduces electricity consumption by an average of 90% in comparison to conventional bulbs.


    • Dimmer bulbs are available if required.


Therostatic Radiator Valve


    • Control the temperature of individual rooms by changing the flow of hot water to the radiator.


    • Inexpensive and effective way to control the heating of rooms that are not frequently occupied.


Low Temperature Radiator


    • Most efficient and cost effective way to deliver warmth to a room.


    • Research has demonstrated that they are just as effective as traditional radiators to heat a space and use 40% less energy.


    • Traditional heating systems use water up to 75°C to achieve the same room temperature.


Secondary Window Glazing


    • Almost 20% of the total heat loss from a typical house is through windows.


    • Replacing old single-glazed windows with modern double-glazing can be expensive so a more affordable option to reduce draughts and heat loss is secondary glazing with either:


a. Transparent plastic film

b. Perspex sheets

c. Aluminium window frames