Our Energy Services

Our mission is to help everyone in Brighton & Hove take control of their energy supply.

Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, homeowner or business, BHESCo energy services can deliver the ideal solution for you.

This could mean installing renewable energy technologies or adding energy efficiency measures, or switching to a cheaper tariff – whatever your need we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, we can help finance any improvements through our ‘Pay As You Save‘ scheme, which means you get the measures you want at no upfront cost and start saving straight away!

Let’s get started by choosing a service below:


Case Studies



Having recently purchased a circa 1950s home in the Brighton area, Tim asked BHESCo to conduct an energy survey to identify possible ways to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Our report suggested that the site would be an ideal location for a small scale domestic solar array. BHESCo then oversaw the project design and installation of the system, which was paid for using our Pay As You Save finance model.



Jack owns a 1900s terraced property which he rents to four students in Brighton. BHESCo completed an energy survey and immediately identified that he was on an expensive tariff. We switched his supplier and saved an estimated £600 a year.

Additionally, we installed LED lighting as well as a chimney balloon and secondary window glazing, which we expect to greatly improve the heat retention and comfort of the property and further reduce energy use and fuel bills.


The Station Stores

BHESCo met the Station Stores through our work with the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum. Following a site visit, we installed an energy monitor to measure which appliances were using the most energy. We could see that the refrigeration system was high consuming, as was the halogen lighting.

BHESCo recommended replacing the fridge with a more energy efficient model, and switching the lighting to LEDs. The measures were installed and paid for using our Pay As You Save financing, helping the store to save £2,060 a year on bills and reduce their carbon emissions by 5 tonnes.