BHESCo is a social enterprise, meaning we’re a business with a purpose beyond just making money for the shareholders.  BHESCo is a cooperative, which means as a customer, you can become a member of the company, giving you a say in our governance.  Our management consists of highly qualified professionals who would rather make a difference than a profit.  Besides, the companies that are making money now on energy – the big six, make lots of profits and then distribute them to their shareholders.  We distribute the profits back to the customer by investing in their energy security. Social enterprises businesses do good things to make the world a better place. BHESCo’s social purpose is to reduce the cost of energy for the community of Brighton and Hove, increase the amount of green electricity generated in the city, and reduce our carbon emissions by making our customer’s properties more energy efficient. This is why are interest rate is lower, because we don’t create profits for our shareholders but reinvest it for the benefit of the community.

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