Make an ethical investment in our
pioneering social enterprise.

Why leave your savings doing nothing in the bank when you could be earning 5%* interest each year?

An investment in BHESCo will help to reduce climate changing emissions and tackle fuel poverty.


BHESCo Investment Virtuous Circle


Your investment will make a real impact in the local community.

We’re aiming to raise £75,000 to begin work on three exciting new energy projects in Sussex. Once completed these projects will reduce pollution and lower fuel bills, keeping more money in the local economy and creating a more resilient community.
Take a look at some of our stand out completed projects.

Since our first share offer in June 2015, we have helped homes and businesses in Brighton save £200,000 a year on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by 216 tonnes annually!

Become a member and join the Energy Revolution!




“I love this vision and would encourage everyone in Brighton & Hove to buy shares in BHESCo”



    “When the opportunity arose to invest in BHESCo I leapt at the chance. I really approve of what BHESCo is doing and hope it will be a big success”



      “It’s a great local idea whose time has come: insulation, warmer homes, lower bills, community ownership, and renewable energy – Brighton & Hove’s ready for it!”

        How to apply:

        You can apply now by completing our Share Offer Application Form.

        If you need help please call us on 01273 766671 or visit our contact page.

        Further resources:

        Download the Share Offer Document

        Download the Business Plan

        Have any questions? You can find your answers at our FAQ page.

        *(Anticipated rate – Your capital is at risk when you invest, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If you are in any doubt you should consult a financial adviser.)