Energy Advice at Legal & General


Dan & Kayla at L&G

In June of 2016 BHESCo was invited to the offices of Legal & General in Hove to show staff how huge savings can be made by switching energy supplier or tariff.


We set up an energy desk in the staff canteen where people could sit with us and do a quick online energy price comparison. When we found savings (which was 100% of the time!) we could request a switch from the new provider, leaving staff able to enjoy huge savings for only 15 minutes of their time.


In an amazing demonstration of the rewards to be found for customers who are active in the energy market, we were able to help 13 staff at L&G to collectively save an incredible £4,100 in the 3 hours we were there.


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In addition to identifying cheaper deals, we were also able to give advice about the different types of tariff and payment options available, as well answering any questions about the national roll-out of smart meters. For anyone living in a cold or draughty home, we were able to suggest simple tips to keep heat in the home and further reduce energy use and fuel bills.

Speaking about the event, Kayla Ente, founder and CEO of BHESCo, said: “BHESCo’s energy desks give employers a great opportunity to offer their staff a valuable benefit, a way to spend less of their salaries on running the household, keeping their hard earned money to spend on things they will enjoy. The energy desks don’t cost the employer anything while giving their employees the ability to lower their energy bills by switching energy supplier, learning about the renewable energy and energy efficiency alternatives, all from a local, community energy group that they can trust to give them impartial, independent advice.”


We aim to roll out this service to all offices and businesses in Brighton & Hove.   Please give us a call if you would like us to visit your premises for the day, and help your staff save money on their energy bills.