Transforming The Built Environment of Sussex

Introducing a completely new approach to improving the region’s housing stock; RetrofitWorks is a combination of a cooperative model and an innovative software tool that facilitates collaboration between developers, builders, architects and tradespeople in Sussex.

With thousands of homes in the area falling below Energy Band D, there is a momentous task before us to transform our housing to a standard which is fit for the 21st Century. Instead of competing with one another, we must focus on co-operating in order to accelerate this essential transformation.

RetrofitWorks is a ‘not for private profit’ co-operative, matching communities & homeowners who want to retrofit their homes, with local, quality assured SME assessors and installers.

RetrofitWorks uniquely joins these groups together into two sets of key members – coming together to identify the need for, & delivery of, high quality retrofit projects.

To introduce the platform and invite local traders to join the network, Community Energy South is hosting a free event on Friday 30th June at the Linklater Pavilion in Lewes. The day will include presentations about the RetrofitWorks model, as well as a suppliers’ convention showcasing the most recent industry developments and technologies.

Book your tickets for the event or to sign up for a stall at the supplier’s exhibition:

Becoming a member of RetrofitWorks brings many direct benefits to your company, supports local employment and provides a platform for smaller practitioners to work together to deliver energy focussed home improvements.

Where the Green Deal has failed, together, we will succeed.

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