BHESCo specialises in finding the right renewable energy and energy saving solutions for your home or business.


Other suppliers generally want to promote their own products and services, meaning their advice may not be what is best for you. We provide an expert, independent, and trusted service that you can rely on to get the best measures for your money, without any hassle or worry.


There are three core services that BHESCo provides:

> Switching Energy Tariff

The quickest and easiest way to save money on your energy bills is by regularly switching tariff. On average, customers can save £300 on their annual energy bill just by switching to a cheaper tariff.

Our trusted and impartial advisors can review your bill and recommend the best tariff available. Once you have switched, we can review your tariff on an annual basis to ensure you are always getting the best deals available.

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> Energy Saving Service

We conduct an energy and lighting survey of your property and prepare a detailed energy plan, highlighting the most suitable measures for your home or business. We have visited over 100 properties around Brighton and Hove, recomending and installing measures to reduce energy use and make huge savings on annual fuel bills.

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> Project Management & the Pay-As-You-Save Model

BHESCo can help you choose the right energy efficiency measures to improve the warmth and comfort of your home. When you have selected which recomendations you want for your property, we will project manage the installation using our approved, local installers. We will oversee the entire process, meaning you won’t have to do a thing.

We can even take on the financial burden of the larger projects like solar panels using our innovative ‘Pay-As-You-Save’ model, ensuring that renewable energy and energy efficiency is available to everyone. We will pay for and install the recommended measures, which customers pay back over a set number of years using the money they save on annual energy bills. The savings made will far outweigh the repayments, and once the lease is complete you will own and benefit from the technologies we have installed, which can greatly increase the value of a property.

Since we guarantee the performance of the systems we install, there is no risk to you, and you can be confident in the benefits we expect to come from our investment in your property.

To make sure your new measures are performing, we will also install an energy monitor to keep an eye on how you are using energy in the property.



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