Volunteer with BHESCo


BHESCo are always looking for volunteers to help deliver our services.

Volunteers can support us with project development, running an energy advice desk, writing a blog, creating social and website content … whatever you are interested in!

Whilst we are grateful for all help from volunteers, having an interest in energy efficiency, renewable energy generation or helping the local community is beneficial.

We will provide advice, training and support for all volunteers working with us. Volunteering with BHESCo is a great opportunity to develop new skills, enhance your employability, help your community, and have fun at the same time.

Get in touch, get involved, and be a part of the climate change solution



What’s It Like To Be A BHESCo Volunteer?



“Cooperatively managed, local, decentrailsed renewable energy, such as that which BHESCo develops, empowers us as a community to take charge of our own energy needs. Being a part of BHESCo and the broader community-energy movement is a radical act, the full impact of which we have yet to fully comprehend.”


“Small cooperatives with genuinely innovative solutions and business structures have the potential to alter energy consumption on a wide scale. BHESCo provides an inspirational service to the local community and simultaneously benefits the planet as a whole. Although my volunteering plays a tiny part, it is fantastic to be involved in this enthusiastic and dedicated team who are achieving groundbreaking work.”


“Working with BHESCo during my summer vacation was the best volunteer experience so far. I can learn environmental justice, policy and management at UC Berkeley, but the best way to understand the actual process of reducing local greenhouse gas was to work for BHESCo. Surrounded by passionate and hard-working BHESCo members truly inspired me and made me think about what I’m going to do in the future to preserve Earth’s natural resources.”


For more information and to express you interest please call BHESCo on 01273 766671 or email us at info@bhesco.co.uk.