We help our customers meet the financial and environmental cost of their energy use

At BHESCo we embrace innovation and community ownership to bring fairness and equal access to sustainable heat and power for everyone.

We invite you to take action on climate change and partner with BHESCo to reduce carbon emissions produced from your home, your business and your community.

BHESCo’s outstanding technical knowledge and passion for green energy has already delivered over fifty-seven renewable energy and energy saving projects across Sussex which will reduce operating costs by nearly £2 million and save over 7,000 tonnes of CO2.

As a not-for-profit co-operative, BHESCo remain accountable to our customers long after the project installation, because all of our customers become members of our co-op and have a say in our governance. 

Our aim is to empower everyone in our community to meet their energy needs with efficient buildings and locally owned low-carbon energy.

Energy Saving

Reduce monthly energy bills and enhance warmth and comfort by improving the energy efficiency of your home

Energy Management

Meet financial, regulatory and stakeholder expectations when you install energy saving and renewable energy technologies

Heat Networks
& Microgrids

Become a leader in the transition to net zero and power your whole community with locally owned low-carbon energy systems




projects completed


tonnes CO2 saved annually


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BHESCo is supporting leading solar battery supplier Moixa Technology Ltd on new campaign to install solar charged batteries in the region of Worthing and Littlehampton.

Homeowners with solar panels are being offered a substantial saving on the cost of a battery if they opt-in to Moixa’s GridShare scheme to provide flexibility services to the electricity grid.

Join the transition to clean, affordable, community owned energy

To avoid 4°C of global warming and the worst-case scenarios of runaway climate change, communities across the UK must work in partnership to achieve net zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. Together, we can demonstrate the change a nation can make when people are united in their ambition.

Community owned energy systems will be a key factor in avoiding catastrophic climate change, by enabling towns and villages throughout England to live and work in buildings that are affordable to heat and powered from locally generated renewable sources.

BHESCo is partnering with a number of communities across the South East to develop local, sustainable microgrids and heat networks that will deliver multiple benefits to local residents while preserving our natural environment.

Shared Ownership residents can become investors in and co-owners of their local energy infrastructure, ensuring fairness, transparency and equal access to all those the network serves.
Part of an international community – join thousands of community energy members across the world who are uniting to develop sustainable low-carbon heat and power projects.
Bigger than politics – transcend the divisions of party politics and unify communities to take agency and ownership over local energy provision.
Power the UK’s net zero transition – make fossil fuels history and leave a healthy, thriving planet that future generations can depend on.
Building local resilience – community energy projects contribute to local job creation, provide protection against price volatility and establish new revenue streams for community benefit.
Working in partnership – in every community there are people who can make a contribution, whether they are an electrician, a councillor, an IT specialist, an engineer or a city planner.

Become a member – join hundreds of other shareholder members who are putting their money to work developing community led solutions to the global climate crisis.

Partner with BHESCo  – our passionate team of experts would love to become your partner in driving down the financial and carbon costs of your home, business, or entire community.

Community Energy Projects

Since 2015 BHESCo have completed more than 55 community funded low-carbon energy projects across Sussex.

Our community energy projects help to drive down fuel costs for our customers and reduce the environmental impact of their premises.

Almost all of our energy projects are completed at no up front cost to customers using our innovative ‘Pay As You Save’ finance initiative.

2020 Impact Report

Read our Impact Report from 2020, with details on the number of new community energy projects completed, estimated tonnes of carbon saved, number of customers advised, estimated financial savings achieved, and more

Our Unique Business Model

All of BHESCo’s community energy projects are financed through a community share offer paying investors a 3% return.

The upfront cost is repaid by the project customer over a number of years using a portion of the savings achieved from their monthly energy bill.

By meeting project costs in this way we are able to remove any financial obstacles that can prevent property owners from improving the energy performance of their buildings.

1. Fundraising

Community investors buy shares

2. Project Delivery

Investments are used to develop clean energy projects

3. Finance Period

Project customer repays cost + interest using savings from energy bills

4. Interest Payment

Interest is passed on to investors

Developing a low-carbon heat network in Firle Village

For the past two years BHESCo have been designing a low-carbon heat network for the village of Firle in East Sussex

BHESCo Partners

BHESCo Partner - Brighton Hove City Council Logo

Tackling Fuel Poverty

There are an estimated 16,000 households in Brighton and Hove who are unable to adequately heat their homes over winter and who may be forced to choose between heating and eating.

BHESCo provides a number of free services to help keep residents of our city warm and safe.

Leave a Review

If you’ve worked with BHESCo to cut the cost of your energy and reduce your carbon footprint then we’d love you to leave a review. Whether we helped you install renewable energy or energy saving equipment, conducted an energy survey, or switched you to a cheaper tariff, we value all of our customers equally and would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

Earn attractive financial returns and support the growth of renewable energy in Sussex

What Are People Saying About BHESCo?

We connect our customers and investors with the idea that they are part of a wider community movement that is transforming energy for good


MP Brighton & Hove

"BHESCo improves the quality of life for local families by reducing their energy use and encouraging the uptake of clean renewable energy"

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Energy Project Customer

" With the new solar panels we have reduced our costs significantly whilst providing a valuable resource of clean electricity. BHESCo provided a first class service which we would use again’’

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"I love this vision and would encourage everyone in Brighton & Hove to buy shares in BHESCo"


Follow the latest developments in the community energy transition with BHESCo's insightful thought-pieces and news articles.

Overload – Why ‘grid constraint’ could hobble the clean energy revolution, and how we can solve it without costly upgrades.

Over the coming decades we must transform the ways that we heat and power our lives. Switching to electric vehicles and electric heating will have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions, but it will also put a tremendous strain on an aging electricity network which already struggles to handle peak loads. To keep the electrons flowing, we must think smart.

BHESCo founder awarded MBE

Kayla Ente, the founder and CEO of Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo), has been appointed as an honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Brighton & Hove Earth Day 2021

For Earth Day 2021, BHESCo is bringing together experienced specialists to discuss ways to heat and power our lives that safeguard our planet, giving hope for our future. We will address how technological innovation is empowering communities to adopt change, delivering clean, affordable, locally owned energy for everyone.

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