For more than a century, the global economy has relied on fossil fuels such as oil and coal which are harvested from deep underground. However, in recent years people are beginning to realise not only are these sources of energy harmful to the environment, but they will also one day run out. Looking for alternatives have never been more important.

Many of the biggest global brands have begun to abandon traditional ways and move towards renewable energy. For example, Adobe, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, H&M and many others are all aiming to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and its emissions, and instead to use different forms of renewable energy.

What are some of the key factors driving this transition to renewable energy sources? In short, big brands have started to realise that renewable energy makes business sense.

Lower energy bills – Oil and natural gas are expensive, and as these resources become more scarce, the prices will only get higher. Solar energy, alternatively, presents an opportunity for brands to cut energy bills and take control of their costs in the long term.

Public relations – One of the most important things for a brand to consider is how it looks to the customers. Businesses should aim to show their customers that they care about their wellbeing, and prove that they have their community’s interests at heart.

Reducing Emissions – Many companies realise that climate change is a very serious issue, and using coal and natural gas can be one of the biggest contributors to this problem. Switching to renewable energy greatly reduces carbon emissions, with most forms of renewable energy producing zero emissions at all.

New marketing Approach – Swapping to renewable energy can be a great opportunity to attract new customers. By setting ambitious sustainability targets, businesses can catch the eye of local media and get in front of new consumers who were previously disengaged.

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