Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy are bridging the gap between customers and communities

BHESCo have partnered with Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy to bring customers Co-op Community Power – the first energy tariff to offer clean electricity that is sourced exclusively from community projects.

Co-op Energy (which is operated by Octopus Energy after it bought the business from the Midcounties Co-operative last year) will source the green electricity from a collection of 90 local community energy schemes.

Co-op Energy promises a fair price will be paid to community generators and that all profits from the Community Power tariff will be reinvested in maintaining the community projects and building new ones.

With this tariff Co-op Energy say they are bridging the gap between customers and their communities.

The tariffs are only £5 per month, or the price of a pint (maybe two if you don’t live in Brighton!) more than the regular fixed rate tariffs.

100% green electricity

Online self service

Fixed tariffs

Why you should sign up to the Co-op Community Power tariff

Some of the benefits of Co-op Energy’s Community Power tariff include:

When you switch to Co-op Community Power through BHESCo a donation is made to our fuel poverty programme which will support our work helping vulnerable customers who struggle with energy bills.

We hope you will choose to switch to this tariff to help lower your bills, support community energy, and help vulnerable customers in need.

Why partnering with Co-op Energy is a perfect match for BHESCo

We wanted to partner with Co-op Energy because their values are so closely entwined with our own.

The are committed to tackling climate change and creating a more sustainable future for everyone by developing community owned energy projects.

Co-op Energy offer 100% renewable electricity as standard on all of their tariffs and they have one of the highest green gas percentages in the UK at 25%.

Support local energy projects with the Community Power tariff

Co-op Energy are the UK’s leading supporter of community-generated energy and for only £5 extra a month on top of their current fixed products, customers can support community energy projects across the country whilst paying generators a fair price for the power they produce.

Choosing this tariff gives you the chance to support co-operatively owned renewable energy projects that invest their profits into local communities.

If you do not want to switch your current energy tariff but still wish to support BHESCo’s community energy work then you are very welcome to join us as an shareholder investor.

You will be elgible for 5% annual interest on your investment and become a part-owner of our award-winning social enterprise.

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