Improving energy efficiency at home - the first steps

As someone who is concerned about sustainability and climate change, Muriel wanted to do more to reduce her impact on the planet, and thought where better to begin than at home?

As well as taking steps to reduce the amount of energy she used in the home, Muriel was really wanted to started generating her own clean energy with rooftop solar panels.

Following discussions with friends, she was advised to contact BHESCo for help and retrofit advice. 

She arranged for BHESCo to conduct a home energy survey to identify areas where heat and energy were being wasted and to see whether solar panels were suitable for the property.

Home energy survey conclusions

BHESCo’s Energy Saving Team visited the property and produced a report highlighting all the ways that energy was being wasted, recommending the most cost-effective ways this could be improved with retrofit measures. Particular areas of concern were the draughts coming from the chimney as well as single glazed windows.

Importantly, BHESCo noted that the property had an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of a low D, which would mean that under government guidelines Muriel would not be eligible for the full Feed-in-Tariff were she to install solar panels.

To increase the energy efficiency of the property and improve the EPC, BHESCo designed and installed a suite of energy saving measures, the most significant element of which was to replace the thin single glazed windows with double glazing.

To reduce draughts in the property, BHESCo installed a draught excluder brush in the letterbox and a curtain rail for the front and back doors.

We recommended installing a chimney balloon to block draughts in the chimney flue, as well as a radiator reflector panel behind the external wall mounted radiator.

To help reduce electricity use, we recommended replacing eleven existing lights with energy saving LED alternatives.

As a result of the retrofit measures that were installed, the EPC of the property was increased to a ‘C’, which means that Muriel will be eligible to receive the full Feed-in-Tariff if she installs rooftop solar panels.

Because the property will now require less energy as a result of the measures installed, Muriel can expect to save £150 a year on her energy bills as well as significantly reducing the environmental impact of the property. 

BHESCo are now developing a 2kW solar array which will be paid for and installed using funds invested from our shareholder members (our ‘Pay As You Save’ model).

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