To celebrate Earth Day 2018, BHESCo hosted a free screening of Leonardo Di Caprio’s unforgettable climate change movie ‘Before the Flood‘.

The event took place at the Werks Central Cafe and was introduced by Ian Elwick from the Werks Group, a local business who offer a collection of co-working spaces in Brighton and Hove. Ian explained how their projects with BHESCo have reduced annual carbon emissions from Werks’ properties by 48 tonnes, which is the same as 117,647 miles travelled in a passenger car!

Ian Elwick
Tom Kayla

BHESCo’s Kayla Ente then introduced the film and talked about some of the exciting projects that BHESCo have lined up for the future, which include solar power for schools and a renewable heating network to get villages in Sussex off of oil.

A short conversation followed the film, giving attendees the opportunity to share their hopes and fears for the future of life on Earth. One simple way for everyone to support renewables in the UK is to switch to a 100% clean electricity supplier. BHESCo have our own green tariff in partnership with Community Energy South and Our Power.

"The film was an heroic attempt to persuade mankind to step back from the brink of overconsumption of the Earth's resources - this is a tough ask to see if we can begin to reverse climate change in our lifetime"
Jack H
Former Councillor
"The film hits you on a human level, it makes you consider the greater impact humankind is having on the planet."
Aaron D


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