Energy Saving Goodie Bag Giveaway

Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) are very excited to have partnered with Brighton and Hove City Council and the Interreg 2 Seas programme on a project to distribute 300 energy saving goodie bags to low income and vulnerable households in the local area.

This is part a wider project called Sustainable Homes and Inclusive Neighbourhoods (SHINE) which includes offering free home energy surveys to households in need.

BHESCo is acknowledged as one of the leading fuel poverty alleviation organisations in Brighton, and are in a perfect position to reach residents who need of help warming their homes. 

What Measures Are Included?

Each energy saving goodie bag includes a variety of energy efficiency measures to help residents reduce energy consumption in particular areas of the household.

The energy saving measures included are:

  • Radflek foil
  • LED light
  • Draught excluding strips for windows
  • Draught excluder ‘pillow’ for doors
  • Thermometer card
  • Shower timer
  • Letter box draught excluder
Energy Saving Goodie Bag Project - Dan at Southdown Housing - May 2019
Energy Saving Goodie Bag Project - Dan at Southdown Housing - May 2019

Programme of Energy Saving Workshops

BHESCo will be giving out energy saving goodie bags through a series of workshops we have planned over the summer and autumn.

The purpose of the workshops is to demonstrate how to install the contents of the goodie bags correctly and how to get the best results from the measures. Workshops will also include tips and advice on good energy-saving behaviours to help residents get the most out of their heating (e.g. closing curtains at night, setting the thermostat to 19oC).

In addition to group workshop events, BHESCo will also be providing one-to-one advice to residents about switching their energy tariff to a cheaper supplier, as well as applying for financial assistance to which they may be eligible such as the £140 Warm Home Discount.

Project Outcomes

The purpose of this project is to provide households with free energy efficiency measures which will deliver the benefits of lower household bills as well as reduced carbon emissions.

Improving energy efficiency for both domestic and commercial properties has been identified as a key goal for helping the UK reach its climate change targets.

Making better use of our energy means we do not need to generate as much of it, which benefits both the consumer and the environment.

We are very keen to partner with as many local groups as possible around Brighton and Hove to help us distribute our energy saving goodie bags to those most in need.

If you work with a group who could benefit from an energy saving workshop then please let us know so we can arrange a date to come and see you.

Groups we typically work with include those on a low income, older people’s groups, disability support groups, migrant and refugee organisations.

That project is being delivered in partnership with the 2 Seas Interreg programme and Brighton and Hove City Council

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