BHESCo will be partnering with the Brighton & Hove Lions Club this winter to provide essential support for local residents who are falling into debt with their energy supplier.

Brighton Lions Club are once again launching Project Wenceslas, a campaign to help combat fuel poverty in the City of Brighton and Hove.

People who receive the annual Winter Fuel Payment and feel they do not need it, are invited to donate the amount to Brighton Lions who assure donors that every penny will go towards helping people in the City to alleviate their fuel poverty.

Brighton Lions will, of course, be happy to receive donations of any amount from anybody who would like to support this appeal.

While the impact of fuel poverty in Brighton and Hove is slightly lower than England as a whole, it is higher than the South-East average. Excess winter deaths are slightly higher than both England and the South-East.

People in difficulty will be contacting agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK and BHESCo who will refer them to Brighton Lions. 

Direct applications will not be accepted to ensure all the donated money goes to the people who really need help with fuel poverty. Brighton Lions will make payments direct to the energy supply companies, not the individual beneficiaries, whose details will not be known to the Lions.

Last winter we spent more than £12,500,” said Lisa Dilloway, President of Brighton Lions Club. “That was an increase of £2,000 on the previous year so there really is a need even in this, the so-called affluent South-East.

One of those we helped had been admitted to hospital with hypothermia having been too scared of running up bills to use enough heating.”

Energy companies won’t let somebody switch to a cheaper supplier if they have existing debt on their account, even if this is hust a few pounds. This is why the support of Project Wenceslas is so important; it does not just provide a one-time support payment, but enables people to leave their expensive energy supplier once and for all and move to a tariff that is more affordable in the long-term.

Donations can be made by credit/debit cards through Brighton Lions Club’s website at or cheques payable to Brighton Lions Club should be sent to Brighton Lions Club, c/o 9 Westfield Crescent, Brighton, BN1 8JB. 

People sending cheques are asked to confirm that their donations may be treated as Gift Aid so that the value of the donation can be increased by 25%.

Cheques should be payable to Brighton Lions Wenceslas. 

Brighton and Hove Lions Project Wenceslas Poster


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