Once an architect’s headquarters, Home Werks is a shared office space in Hove that is occupied by an array of small businesses. The property is part of the Werks Group collection of creative working spaces in Brighton and Hove, and will be the seventh community energy project that BHESCo has undertaken with the Werks.

A stones throw from Palmeira Square and Hove’s many cafes, Home Werks is an old Victorian property with large windows, tall ceilings and unique architectural features that make it pleasing to the eye but very difficult to heat.

BHESCo were approached by the Werks Group to upgrade the heating of the property, which proved to be quite a challenge due to the age and style of the building.

Project Delivery

Following a detailed survey of the property BHESCo have designed an innovative heating solution that will deliver a higher quality of heat at a significantly lower cost for the Werks Group. The new Fischer heaters feature wireless remote temperature controls and a 7 day programming option.

We will also replace the existing lighting with energy saving LEDs, which offer an improved quality of light at a fraction of the cost of traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

We expect the new system to reduce energy consumption by 19,930kWh a year and reduce annual carbon emissions by 5.4 tonnes.

The estimated financial savings to Home Werks is £6,290 over the lifetime of the equipment.

Equipment Installed

43 LED Lamps

17 Fischer Future Radiators


kWh/ year
Tonnes/ year