HSNF logo        Calling all people who live in the area around Hove Station

Join in our first community energy project by completing a brief questionnaire.

The Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum was set up in 2013 by local residents and businesses to develop a Neighbourhood Development Plan . This will enable local residents and businesses to maximise the benefits and minimise any disadvantages that may arise from the large scale redevelopment of the area around Hove Station, which is proposed in the City Plan. It will also enable residents to have much more influence on smaller scale local development.

BHESCo is working with our the Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum and the West Hove Forum to develop and implement a Neighbourhood Energy Plan. This aims to find ways that local residents and businesses can become more energy efficient and cut fuel bills.  We also want to promote a move towards using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions in our neighbourhood.

The first stage of this energy action plan is our Community Energy Kickstart Project, which is supported by a grant from UK Power Networks.  As part of this project we are asking you to fill out a Household Questionnaire. This will help us to understand your energy needs and identify opportunities to help you to reduce your energy bills.

The questionnaire will be delivered to your homes in the next couple of weeks. Alternatively, you can complete the questionnaire here.


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