HSNF logoHove Station Neighbourhoods Forum and Brighton & Hove Energy Services (BHESCo) have won a grant from UK Power Networks to take action for community energy.  We’re preparing an energy plan designed to help local residents and businesses become more energy efficient and save money on energy bills.

We’re asking twenty Small and Medium Sized businesses, (SME’s) to participate in our project to demonstrate the energy savings that can be derived from energy efficiency measures like LED lighting and other low cost technologies. Participation in our project will not cost anything.  We expect that you will benefit by lowering your operating costs. Volunteering to participate in our SME Energy Savings Programme can improve your brand recognition increasing your profile in the community. If you are interested in participating please contact us!

How it works

We analyse your electricity consumption from your energy bills.  After inspection of the premises, we install electricity sensors to gain knowledge about consumption patterns.    We will track your electricity consumption for a period of up to four weeks.  After the tracking period is complete, we meet with you to discuss the measures we recommend to help you save money on your electricity bills.  Upon agreement, our team of certified installers will fit the equipment for you, absolutely free.  We will then measure the savings achieved for the same period of time.

As a result of the monitoring programme, we will prepare a report of our findings and present that to you.  At that point, you can either:

  1. purchase the energy savings equipment,
  2. we can remove it for you, or
  3. you can ask BHESCo to finance the equipment using our pay as you save model.

The Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum was established in 2013 by local residents and businesses community.  It serves as representatives on behalf of the community in light of Brighton and Hove City Council’s plans to redevelop the area identified in the Local Plan.  Find out more about us by visiting www.hovestationforum.co.uk.  BHESCo has been engaged to undertake the energy planning part of the Forum’s work.


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