What is the London Rebuilding Society?

The London Rebuilding Society was set up in 2002 as a non-profit organisation to help homeowners make improvements to their properties.

In 2014 they shifted their focus to the Home Improvement Scheme: Making Every House a Home. This scheme helps older homeowners to improve and repair their homes at no upfront cost, and no monthly repayments.

In 2018 a partnership was established with BHESCo to provide more people with home improvement in and around Brighton and Hove.

London Rebuilding Society is a social enterprise specialising in innovative products and services that support individuals and households. They create healthy homes through increased energy efficiency, and better lives by helping reducing energy costs, increasing household income, improving health and well being.


What are the benefits of working with London Rebuildnig Society?

Working with the London Rebuilding Society is a way for homeowners to make essential improvements to their home when they otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Work is carried out with no upfront costs or fees and customers receive a full project management service plus a 6-year ‘defects warranty’ on their house.

Accommodation is provided while work is carried out, and each package is tailored to each customer to provide a personalised bespoke experience.

By the end of the project your home will be significantly more comfortable to live in and will be much cheaper to heat.

What does it involve?

  1. A Client Relationship Manager will assess your needs and explain the scheme and the next steps.
  1. We will assess your eligibility to any grants available that can help to fund your energy efficiency measures and adaptations.
  1. We will assess whether you are eligible for a lifetime mortgage through a Regulated Financial Advisor from Age Partnership. This could allow you to release equity from your home that can be used to fund your home energy improvements. You will still own your home and will not have to pay any monthly fees or payments.
  1. Once this has all been done, your Age Partnership Advisor will look at the best way for you to finance the scheme.
  1. A surveyor will visit your property to assess your needs and will draw up a plan for any repairs or refurbishments.

  2. When the finance and plans have been processed, they can carry out the works. While this occurs, they will sort out any communications with the local authority, place you in accommodation, place anything that needs to be in storage and manage the works on your behalf.
  1. They then help you return to your home, where you can now enjoy a more comfortable life.

People's experiences of London Rebuilding Society


John had his life turned around when the London Rebuilding Society helped him with home improvements which included making his home wheelchair accessible, reconnectimng his hot water supply and ridding his home of dry rot.

Mrs H

In 2018 Ms. H was living alone in Leyton with no bathroom, toilet or heating. At 83 she couldn’t find a way to fund the refurbishments she desperately needed.

The London Rebuilding Society helped her with financial support, including the release of equity on her house, to get her the home she wanted. Not only was she a lot happier than before but her home increased in price from an estimated £400k to £750k.

“I am overwhelmed by the transformation of my house and am so impressed with the support and professionalism of LRS. Thanks to them I now have a beautiful home which I am really proud of. I feel like a new person!”

Ms. H

How do you know if your eligible and how to contact them.

If all of the following apply to you, you may be eligible:
  1. You are a homeowner.
  2. You are over the age of 55.
  3. Your home is in disrepair and needs improving.
    If you would like to make a direct enquiry you can phone them on 020 7997 7333 or email them at homes@londonrebuilding.com. If you would like nay more information on what they do, other people’s experiences or who they are involved in, go to their website.


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