ollie2BHESCo Communications and Communities Director, Ollie Pendered, has been appointed to lead the Customer Services sub-group of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), working group on community energy grid connections. Ollie’s role is to represent community groups that work with the distribution network operators (DNO) in setting up connections for local or community renewable energy generation systems. DNOs are encouraged by the Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) to engage with stakeholders to agree connection targets. Despite this, connections still take too long and are too costly.

Ollie will also take a lead role in understanding customer service issues related to the development  of community energy grid connections. The  working group  focusses on identifying current issuses and barriers faced by community energy projects. The group and its members identify parties and forums suitable for raising issues and advancing the aims of the working group. By doing this the working group will highlight actions and present recommendations to the Secretary of State  for advancing community energy projects. The working group subs groups  focus on areas including connection costs, capacity and investment policy and demand flexibility and storage.

Community energy projects present opportunities for individuals to be part of self sufficient communities, generating power through efficient, sustainable technologies. To find out more about community energy projects visit the BHESCo website, read the DECC Guidance on Community Energy or contact us.


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