Last week, Kayla Ente, Founder and CEO of Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative Ltd (BHESCo), delivered a speech to the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group at the Houses of Parliament about the role that battery storage can play in the growth of renewable energy in the UK.

Speaking to civil servants and industry experts, Ms Ente outlined the enormous potential that battery storage can have on renewable energy in the local community, as well as demonstrating how BHESCo will soon be pioneering this new technology at a sports facility in Brighton. The ability for solar power to provide electricity 24 hours a day could revolutionise energy markets and bring about a much quicker transition to a low carbon economy than is currently possible.

There is no doubt that the future of the global energy market will be based upon renewable energy sources. This inevitable transition will completely transform the international stock exchange, as well as the ways we use, buy, and source our energy. Anyone who still has stocks and shares in oil and coal should be very concerned, as impending international limits on the use of fossil fuels will soon mean that trillions of pounds of these investments become worthless ‘stranded assets’.

To investigate what these profound changes will mean for communities, BHESCo is hosting an event at the One Church on August 4th at 6pm. The evening is free to attend and will feature a keynote presentation from renowned industry expert Agamemnon Otero, MBE. CEO of Repowering London, and Director of Brixton Energy, Energy Garden and Clean Marine, Agamemnon is a London Leader and  sits on the UK Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Office Community Energy Contact Group and has been recognised by the Queen with an MBE.

For more info and to book your free place, visit the Eventbrite Page.

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