Help BHESCo Build Five New Community Energy Projects in Sussex

This summer BHESCo is raising £200,000 to install a range of energy efficiency and energy generation projects on buildings in and around Greater Brighton and Hove.

This is the fourth share offer by the co-operative and it will fund a new round of innovative energy projects.

Once completed, these projects are expected to reduce CO2 emissions in Sussex by an incredible 633 tonnes – that’s the equivalent of avoiding 698 flights from London to New York!

Below are the different projects included in this share offer. You can click on each project to find out more, or download our 2019 Share Offer Projects Guide.

BHESCo 2019 Share Offer - Varndean College


49.5kW rooftop solar PV

BHESCo 2019 Share OFfer - The Unity Centre, Lewes

The Unity

Energy efficient heating and lighting

Brighton Road Baptist Church

30kW rooftop solar PV

BHESCo 2019 Share Offer - Homewerks

The Werks

Energy efficient heating

The Perfect Time To Invest In The Energy Revolution

We stand at a crossroads in world history.

In October 2018, the United Nations’ ‘International Panel on Climate Change’ (IPCC) issued a stark warning that the world has until 2030 to radically curb climate damaging emissions or face catastrophic consequences.

This wake up call has inspired a tidal wave of activism across the globe: Young people in 2,000 cities have engaged in monthly strike action; grassroots protest groups have been staging headline grabbing stunts; and the UK government passed a motion declaring a state of climate emergency.

The public are demanding greater government action, but government action takes time – and in the fight against climate change, time is something we don’t have.

This is why communities all over the UK are taking matters into their own hands by investing in local energy projects that deliver immediate and significant results.

There are now over 48,000 members of community energy groups across the UK, individuals like you who have invested in projects that collectively reduce CO2 emissions by an incredible 71,000 tonnes per year – the equivalent of taking 15,074 cars off the road!

On a wider scale, research by the ethical bank Triodos shows that the UK market for Socially Responsible Investing has doubled in the last ten years, now accounting for £16 billion funds under management.

Protecting Our Environment

BHESCo's five new clean energy projects are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by a mighty 633 tonnes - the same amount of CO2 that would be given off by 698 flights from London to New York!

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, BHESCo relies on community investors to help fund its projects. Shareholders become members of the co-op and receive 5% interest on their investment, as well as having voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

The financial return is great, but this isn’t usually the main reason why people invest in BHESCo.

The real reason is because people want their money to have a positive impact in the world. They’re fed up with inaction on climate change, and they want to support initiatives that are powering the transition away from fossil fuels and toward a sustainable future.

BHESCo have completed 42 community owned energy projects in this way, and it’s all down to the belief and support of our shareholders.

BHESCo’s projects are already saving customers £66,706 a year on energy bills while also reducing annual carbon emissions by over 234 tonnes – and this is only just the beginning!

"I love this vision and would encourage everyone in Brighton and beyond to invest in BHESCo and support community energy in the UK"
Testinonial - Why Everyone In Brighton Should Invest In Community Energy
BHESCo Shareholder

By raising funds from the community, BHESCo enables everyone to take part in the green energy revolution – meeting the financial and environmental cost of their needs with clean, affordable, community owned energy.

We hope that you will join our community energy revolution, using the power of communities to power the transition away from fossil fuels in our energy supply – a transition that is fundamental to the wellbeing of all life on Earth.

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