Your first step toward cheaper bills, greater comfort, and a lower environmental impact is a BHESCo energy survey

Why do I need a BHESCo energy survey?

Our philosophy is that optimising the energy efficiency of a property must come before all other considerations.

It makes no sense to begin installing solar panels, heat pumps, or battery technologies until every effort has been made to minimise heat loss and energy waste.

To identify opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of a property it is vital to gain a thorough understanding of energy demand and consumption patterns.

For this reason, a bespoke BHESCo energy survey should be the first phase of any planned building improvements, underpinning every other stage of your future energy strategy.

"The cheapest type of energy is the stuff we save"
Alex Hunt
Bright Green Homes

What is included in a BHESCo energy survey?

Our bespoke energy survey will provide a thorough and detailed examination of every aspect involved with heating and powering your property.

Our Energy Saving Team will conduct an on-site survey to capture all relevant data. We will analyse your energy bill to gain an understanding of your energy usage and to identify times of peak consumption.

Our Energy Saving Team will produce a detailed report recommending the most cost-effective solutions to remedy areas of significant heat loss and energy waste.

Our report will also measure and compare the anticipated reduction in demand that we can expect from installing different types of energy saving and/ or energy generating technologies.

In this way we can make conclusions about which combination of technologies will best meet the heat and power requirements of your property, as well as being able to provide upfront cost and future savings projections to help you make the best decision.

Furthermore, our expertise and familiarity with national energy policy can identify any financial support mechanisms which are available to make your energy project more economically advantageous. In previous projects we have applied on behalf of our customers for such subsidy schemes as the Feed-In-Tariff, Export Tariff, and Renewable Heat Incentive.

In some cases, we can also help our customers take advantage of tariff offers from energy suppliers who agree to purchase excess renewable electricity that is produced from your micro-generation system.

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Selected excerpts from a BHESCo Energy Survey

When should I get an energy survey?

A BHESCo energy survey should be considered by property owners who are interested in understanding their heat and power consumption and in making improvements to the energy performance of their building.

Examples include homeowners looking to reduce costs, business owners responding to stakeholder expectations, or landlords responding to changing compliance issues (such as meeting new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards).

An energy survey should also be considered by anyone who is in the process of buying or selling a property, or who may wish to better understand their energy use without requesting a formal Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Do you offer Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a regulatory requirement for the sale and rental of properties.

An EPC includes a straightforward assessment of the current energy efficiency level of a property, in addition to some basic suggestions of improvements that could be made, as well as associated savings.

Our experienced Energy Saving Service team are qualified to deliver domestic and non-domestic EPCs, and prices for these can be obtained upon request.

Please note, however, that BHESCo was formed to develop long-term partnerships with customers who want to take meaningful action to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. For this reason, whilst we can offer both domestic and non-domestic EPCs, this does not form a core part of our business offering, and any property owners who are looking for an EPC only may wish to consider alternative options.

"We know that to reach net zero we need to improve energy efficiency. To reduce people bills we need to improve energy efficiency. To transition to low carbon heat we need to improve energy efficiency. And now, even more than before, we need to step up and improve the energy performance of our buildings as our homes become our workplaces."
Sam Hollister
Energy UK

What measures are in place to ensure social distancing?

We have put significant time into developing processes that ensure we are protecting the health of both customers and workers, to give confidence to all that we are able to continue our good work towards a low carbon future.

In light of the Coronavirus, we have reviewed every aspect of our Health and Safety system and work processes. Our Energy Saving Team will conduct all surveys wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), will make use of hand sanitiser, and wherever possible, will complete an energy survey when a property is unoccupied.

We ask that doors to rooms and loft hatches are left open so as to minimise contact with household surfaces, and where a surveyor does make contact with any surfaces, they will clean these with antiseptic wipes before leaving the property.

How long does the process take?

Domestic surveys should take no more than 1-2 hours, but can last up to 3 hours for four to five bed properties. For non-domestic properties we will provide an estimate of the time required based upon building plans and a discussion with the property owner.

Following the on-site survey, we’ll have your energy report ready for you after five working days. The report will detail all the ways you are wasting heat and energy in your property and recommend the most cost-effective ways to improve this quickly.

If you would like to discuss your options with one of our experienced Energy Saving Team then contact us on 0800 999 6671.

Once you have completed the booking form our Energy Saving Team will contact you to arrange the best time to visit.

"To decarbonise your house is an extremely difficult thing to do. You’ve really got to be committed to it. You’ve got to become your own project manager, your own thermal engineer, which is a million miles away from what people want. You want to be able to phone one person, and for them to sort it out”
Guy Newey
Energy Systems Catapult

How much does an energy survey cost?

The cost of a BHESCo energy survey is dependent on the size of a property.

For domestic properties we base this on the number of bedrooms. For commercial premises this is based on the size of the property in square metres.

As a not-for-profit co-operative, we have kept the cost of our energy survey as low as possible. Our prices are in-line with the industry standard, and in many cases are significantly lower. For example, an energy survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) costs on average £400 – £500.

A BHESCo energy survey is a unique, bespoke service, offering excellent value for money at a considerably lower cost than some of our competitors in the industry.

It is worth remembering that a BHESCo energy survey will identify any technologies which may be ineffective or inappropriate for your property. This could save you a great deal of money (not to mention time and stress) by avoiding the installation of technologies that will not deliver the impact you may have expected.

For domestic customers who decide to work with BHESCo to install your improvements we can absorb the cost of your energy survey into our project management fee.

Survey prices are listed in the table below. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

If a property is significantly larger than we had anticipated we reserve the right to charge for our time accordingly.

Bedrooms Energy Survey Cost

Energy Survey Booking Form

* Please note our service is only available to properties in Sussex