Business energy consultancy and energy survey services

Take action with BHESCo to reduce the energy costs and environmental impact of your organisation.

It all starts with an on-site energy survey.

We will produce a detailed report highlighting opportunities for improvements and recommending the most cost-effective solutions to remedy areas of heat loss and generate on-site renewable energy.

Our report will include an estimated cost vs savings analysis to help you make informed decisions about which energy improvement measures you wish to install.

What is included with a BHESCo energy survey / feasibility study?

A detailed analysis of heat loss and energy waste

Our bespoke energy survey will provide a thorough and detailed examination of every aspect involved with heating and powering your property.

Our Energy Saving Team will conduct an on-site survey to capture all relevant data. We will also analyse your historic energy bills to gain an understanding of your energy usage and to identify times of peak demand.

We will produce a detailed report recommending the most cost-effective solutions to remedy areas of significant heat loss and energy waste.

Recommendations and future costs

Our report will measure and compare the anticipated reduction in demand that we would expect from installing different types of energy saving measures and other green energy solutions.

This enables you to draw conclusions about which combination of technologies will best meet the heat and power requirements of your property, as well as being able to consider upfront cost and future savings projections to help you make the best decisions.

Accessing finance for your energy improvements

Our expertise and familiarity with national energy policy can identify any financial support  available to reduce the cost of your energy improvements. 

For example, during previous projects we have helped our customers to access such subsidy schemes as the Feed-In-Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Under the current subsidy regime this could include Rampion, VCSE, or IETF funding. 

Where a client has solar power installed, we can help them to take advantage of tariff offers from energy suppliers who agree to purchase any excess renewable electricity produced from their solar panels, adding an additional revenue stream to your operations. 

Commercial feasibility study - anonymised examples

Click the links below to view anonymised examples of a BHESCo feasibility study.

How much does an energy survey cost?

The cost of your energy consultancy will depend on the amount of time that our Project Team needs to dedicate to your survey and report. 

We will ask you to provide floor plans and a good description of the property. Based on this information we will provide a quotation for our consultancy services, taking into consideration the size and complexity of the property/ circumstances.

Customers who decide to work with BHESCo to install their energy management improvements will not have to pay for their energy audit upfront – the cost will be absorbed into the Pay As You Save financial agreement.

Are you eligible for funding to help with survey costs?

There are a variety of funding opportunities available to help organisations and businesses with the installation of measures that will reduce long-term energy costs and carbon emissions. 

Save money, save energy, save Earth

The UK’s 1.8 million non-domestic properties are responsible for around 18% of total CO2
emissions each year. This presents a very exciting and achievable challenge, especially as many of the solutions available can be reached at no net cost and already exist today.

Taking action to improve the energy performance of commercial and public buildings will contribute to the UK’s climate change targets as well as delivering significant benefits to the wellbeing and cashflow of the organisations involved.

Since we launched our Energy Saving Service in January 2016 BHESCo have visited more than 3,000 properties and achieved savings worth hundreds of thousands of pounds on behalf of our customers.

If you want to enjoy cheaper monthly energy bills and enhanced comfort (while saving the planet at the same time) then your journey begins with an energy survey.

We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in your quest for energy independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make our Energy Saving Service available to everyone in the community whether they are a member of BHESCo or not.

Many BHESCo customers go on to become members but this is not a prerequisite.

There’s no time like the present, so please get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. We can review your eligibility for relevant grants to cover the costs of your consultancy, and discuss your requirements, challenges, and goals. 

We will ask you to provide copies of recent energy bills and floor plans, and schedule a convenient date for our energy surveyors to visits your location for an in-person inspection. 

Please complete the Contact Form below, write to or call 0800 999 6671.

Your Energy Saving Report includes details of all the ways you are wasting heat and energy in your property in addition to our suggestions of how to address any issues with the most cost-effective solutions available.
Our suggested energy efficiency/ energy generation measures include details of typical upfront costs and anticipated payback time, as well as the expected financial and carbon reducing benefits.

Our report will also identify any grant funding available to finance the cost of the measures we have recommended. 

It is preferable that our energy surveyors are able to view each room of the property.

It is beneficial to have a copy of floor plans in addition to having access to all meters, boilers, or hot water controls.

A copy of your most recent gas and electric bill is essential for helping us to understand your energy use and current costs.

Contact Form

If you are interested in working with BHESCo to revolutionise the way that your business or organisation sources it’s heat and power then please provide your details in the form below and a member of our Projects Team will get back to you to discuss next steps.