Warmer Crowhurst

Introducing the Warmer Crowhurst project

Crowhurst Parish Council are delighted to introduce a new project to create affordable, community owned heating in the village.

Thanks to funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund, the Parish Council will soon be starting a feasibility study looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for Crowhurst.

We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for Crowhurst to become one of the first low-carbon villages in Britain, doing its bit for the environment whilst securing a reliable and affordable energy supply for our long-term future.

The feasibility study will include:

– measuring how much energy the village uses
– looking at ways to reduce energy use through measures like insulation and draught-proofing
– how to replace oil and gas heating with low-carbon alternatives
– examining the potential for renewable energy systems like solar power.

Warmer Crowhurst - Residents' Questionnaire

Thank you for helping out the Warmer Crowhurst Project team by providing some very useful data to support the feasibility study.  

This study is a great opportunity to explore village wide decarbonisation strategies, and it relies on the data you provide us with here. 

We are hopeful that the data gathered through this questionnaire will go a long way toward allowing us to understand the possible opportunities for Crowhurst. 

Thank you in advance for your participation, and we look forward to working with your community over the coming months.