That’s great – you’re already committed to reducing your impact on the environment by using a renewable energy source. There are a few reasons why you should think about joining BHESCo & benefitting from our services:

  • Some of the green energy deals aren’t all that green when you look into them.  It may be that a small part of their energy generation capacity is really green. Take a look at the percentage of generation from renewable sources and see if the energy you’re paying for really is green. If it’s not you could switch to Ecotricity.
  • You’ll save money.  Some of the green energy tariffs are getting quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to pay a premium.  By joining BHESCo, you can be green, invest in your community and reduce your energy costs.
  • We’re not just green, we’re local too.  All our profits are reinvested back into the city of Brighton and Hove – by joining BHESCo you can do your bit for your community too.

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