• We prepare an energy survey of your property, advising how you can reduce your fuel bills and how much it would cost to install the suggested energy saving measures, including renewable generation.
  • We prepare an approximate quote of how much your fuel bills will be reduced by installing the initiatives.
  • You decide what measures you would like installed, and we will project manage the installation for you.
  • After the new measures are installed, BHESCo will continue to monitor your energy bills to ensure the measures are performing and you are receiving the energy savings anticipated.
  • You pay us for the cost of the work over time, at a rate that is equal to or less than the savings that you are enjoying.
  • We charge you just 5% interest.
  • You get a warm house, use less energy, and pay less for the energy you do use.

The saving is made as we charge a cheaper price per kilowatt (kW) on the energy from the generation, if a renewable source is installed. The interest we charge is also reinvested in energy saving improvements and renewable energy micro-generation in the homes and businesses of our customers. This helps them save money now and into the future by creating a sustainable, long term solution.

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