Moixa Smart Battery rollout in
Worthing & Littlehampton

BHESCo are supporting a new campaign from Moixa Technology Ltd to offer solar panel owners big savings on a Moixa Smart Battery

To support the transition to a smart and flexible electricity network BHESCo is supporting a new campaign by Moixa to bring afforable solar powered battery storage to homes on the South Coast.

Homeowners with solar panels are being offered substantial savings on the cost of a battery if they opt-in to Moixa’s innovative GridShare membership scheme, agreeing to provide flexibility services to the local electricity grid.

Moixa are looking for homeowners in several specific postcodes in Worthing and Littlehampton who either:

Moixa develops clean energy technology to help the world live in a future powered by 100% renewable energy. They’ve installed over 1,000 batteries across the UK, enabling homeowners to unlock the full potential of solar energy.


when you sign up to GridShare Membership*

Lower energy bills

Reduce carbon footprint

Support the local energy grid

Maximise use of solar power

GridShare Membership Scheme

As a GridShare Member you will be part of the unique community in the Worthing area as Moixa will effectively add your battery to a group with other batteries and create a Virtual Power Plant. This enables Moixa to support the UK energy network by providing grid services, by sharing the energy stored in your battery or by utilising the available capacity in your battery.

Households who sign up to GridShare Membership receive £50 a year for the first three years of membership. Additionally, if your device is used for grid services, then Moixa will measure your contribution to the grid services and provide reimbursement based on the differences to your standard
battery operation.

This is calculated by running a simulation of how your battery system would have behaved had it not participated in grid services and calculating any of your lost savings using an assumed tariff rate.

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GridShare Software

Adding the 'smarts into energy storage'

GridShare software is the AI-driven platform gives you access to the Moixa Dashboard and App, where you can see your solar generation as well as household and battery consumption data.

It ‘smartly’ optimises battery systems for both solar energy and time-of-use tariffs, as well as allows them to participate in grid services.

The Moixa Dashboard is the web browser view of your home energy
data and can be accessed through

Why Worthing & Littlehampton?

Over the last year Moixa has been working with UK Power Networks to provide support to the local grid using home batteries to help the UK move into a new era of renewable, intelligent energy.

Now you have an opportunity to be part of this exciting new way of supporting your local energy network in Worthing by owning a Moixa Optimised Battery System and becoming a GridShare member.

Moixa Optimised Battery Systems

Moixa offers a range of batteries that allow solar panel owners to store excess solar energy in a battery so that their home can be powered from self-generated solar energy when needed.

The 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery allows solar panel owners to store excess solar energy in a battery so that their home can be powered from self-generated solar energy when needed.

It comes with an in-built Moixa Hub which acts as a gateway to our GridShare Software, and gives the batteries their ‘smarts’.

Batteries come in 3 sizes: 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery and Moixa Optimised Battery Systems of 7.2kWh  and 9.6kWh.


Get a battery from only £2,950

when you sign up to GridShare Membership*

Call 0161 883 2374 and quote BHESCo


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*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and valid for eligible postcodes only